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The Angel Communicator

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The Angel Communicator

Morgana Starr is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, & More. Known internationally as The Angel Communicator, she has helped clients around the globe for decades. She is a powerful mentor that helps clients awaken their gifts safely and guides them through their journeys.  

She was raised by Missionary parents in Africa, attended Bible College, and raised two kids as a single parent. Her path led her to study Reiki which opened her psychic abilities.

She began to do readings professionally as she continued her studies in Native American and many Ancient manifesting and healing modalities. She is a Native American Sacred Pipe Carrier, Author of two published books, Angels Legacy and Angel Whispers, and the founder of Angels Oasis and Awaken Institute. In addition, Morgana is a channel for Archangel Anael.

"Morgana identified and helped a young lost Spirit homeward and put our highly sensitive Pomeranian Shanti at ease once again. When Morgana arrived, Shanti totally embraced her like no other visitor before! She cried/barked to her in such a way I never heard, as if she were greeting an old friend and eagerly communicating her desire for peace to Morgana. Wow. Very powerful healing for our household and for the little boy spirit needing help to go home! Our Max was grateful to be a part of that transition, too :) Thank you, Morgana!" -Joan C.
"Twice I have had the pleasure of speaking to you over the phone. Both times were amazing. It was as if you knew every little detail before I called. (and not from FB posting either lol) to watch all you had said unfold in my life was truly a miracle. thank you for helping me find healing. I was lucky to have you to talk to. It's awesome when the puzzle pieces fall into place. I need to post on the page about the euphoria at the Cocoa Beach Library the night I stopped in to hear you speak before work. The energy for me was very inspiring and was such a great night at work... which was highly unusual." -Deborah A.
"Three years ago, this month, my husband died from liver failure after a long, arduous two years on the transplant list. Shortly after, I had my first reading with Morgana when I flew to Florida for a surprise visit with another friend and to attend the 2010 Gratitude Gathering. During the following two years, I had a few more readings trying to find direction in my life. Morgana told me there would be another man in my life, but I had not met him as of that moment. She also said I would know who this man was by the way he treated me. I did meet this man some time later. Everything Morgana said has come true. We were married March 15 of this year." -Ellen A.


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