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Learn to become an Empowered Empath with our Angel Empath mini course!

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Learn To Work With Crystals The Angelic Way

Crystals are energetic beings. The Crystal Kingdom is here to work with you.. are you ready? We will get you there. We will walk you through 9 video modules and help you discover the truth about crystals and how you can work with them.

You will find the answers to:

  1. What are crystals and where did they come from?
  2. How do I know which crystal I am meant to work with?
  3. How do I cleanse and charge a crystal?
  4. What crystals should I have near me while I sleep?
  5. Which crystals will open my third eye?
  6. How do I use crystals around my home?
  7. What does it mean if I am not drawn to a certain crystal?
  8. How do I use crystals in my day to day life?
  9. Why am I drawn to crystals?
  10. Test your knowledge with a quiz and receive a certificate of completion!

Morgana Starr will guide you through everything you need to know about crystals. Crystals are powerful healers and you are ready to dive deep into working with them!

WIth 9 video modules, this is a $555 value for only $11! We want to bring this much needed information straight into the hands of those who need it most.. which is why we strive to create mini courses that are affordable for everyone. 

As an added bonus, we have included TWO powerful meditations at the end of this course! You will learn to do a powerful Aura Cleansing and connect with Archangel Anael!