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Learn to charge and cleanse your crystals the Angelic way in our crystal video course! 

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Past Life Regression Mini Course

Are you interested in learning about your past lives? 

Our past lives affect us in this life more than we realize. Learn all about past lives in this mini course with Psychic medium Morgana Starr from Awaken Institute. In this video course, you will learn the ins and outs of past lives, and at the end of the course you will go through a guided meditation to discover your past lives! You can complete this meditation as many times as you’d like, to uncover multiple past lives. 


You will learn:

- What is a past life?

- How do I recognize a past life connection?

- Are patterns repeating in this life because of past life?

- How do I heal a past life?

- How many times do we reincarnate?

- Plus a past life regression meditation that will uncover your past lives. You can use this meditation as many times as you would like to discover multiple past lives.

The past life meditation at the end of this course is very powerful. You will receive messages and flashes of your past lives. You are ready to dive deep into your past lives and begin to heal from them. We can take action and learn the life lessons needed, in order to be living our best lives. This mini-course will help you do this. Uncovering your past lives is an important step on your Spiritual journey. Imagine changing your life for only $11... are you ready?


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